Zen winter





Under the sea 

Under the sea~🎶 under the sea~~~🎶 Oh, Mr. Sebastian is there!  It’s summer but….. I’m stuck in the office. So sad ….hm… so I made some friends today who can make me feel that I’m on the vacation swiming with these guys.. A little zen moment for an exit from the reality.  I am thinking to put a little clip on each of them and play go fishing.It would be a great play with kids and for adults like me… I love kiddo stuffs so much still. It will always stay in my life!  Bonnes vacances for everyone!

Flower pot origami

Dessert is something I can’t miss it after dishes or for Le goûter.

We can feel more convivial ambiance when there is a nice dessert and it is exciting to choose it if they are different! 

 Little simple cute strawberries can be a good dessert.

IMG_20150621_164004Or a big fraiser

Or a little piece of fraisier.

Frasier is a strawberry tarte and I love it when it is  with  big fresh Crème chantilly.

hm.. I could not find a big chantilly one in my quartier :p  but it was good enough and gourmand!


I made a flower pot origami.

Before to attack my fraisier, I put a flower pot origami gently aside of that.

Oh.. so cute 🙂

These little piece of cake and a paper flower pot origami just make me feel so happy and melt.

IMG_20150517_215125 (1)

With 3 pieces of paper, I have a beautiful flower pot.

I love it!

oh ho! the surprise is not finished

Little secret……

I  put a little horse inside of the pot box.



A little cute horse was sleeping inside of the pot box!


Thank you for your reading until here!  🙂

Have a good day!

Origami horse mobile

If you live in a big city, sometimes you miss the nature, and whenever I miss the nature, I do little simple things to feel the nature. 1. Go to the park in neighbor 2. buy a little plant

I am living in Montmartre in Paris where there is a lot of people everywhere. Sometimes I feel too packed especially when I am in the metro or bus. However, there is an really awesome advantage to live in Paris is that you can find so many diverse little or big  beautiful gardens. Each of them are so charming ! That is one of my favorite thing or reason to live in Paris. Last weekend, I went to a park in Montmartre, I could feel completely out of town and in the nature.



and I bought a little plant called”calathea” it has beautiful leaves seems like by Mr. Vincent Van Gogh touch! Gorgeous! It is easy care and cleaning the air even.


After having been inspired by these little nature moments from lastweekend, I made a horse origami mobile.  These horse are a family from Safari 🙂


Lets fly, fly away .

Crane Origami, Business card holder


Today, I present crane Origami but as a business card holder.

A simple business cardholder can give you Zen moment and make you look different.

This is a crane origami  for business card holder. You can use in your boutique to present your business card to the client or you can use in home or office to remind yourself to contact someone.



Oh my heart ! Door hanger Origami !


My baby got a new own her room since we moved in new apartment. She loves there to sleep and play.

She is only 10 months…  🙂

I made a little lovely heart door hanger for her door hanger. I felt so happy that I made something for her as a mama :p.

Its simple to make and nice. I wish one day I can make this door hanger with my daughter soon by talking each other.

Ice cream Origami ! Il fait chaud!

IMG_20150514_175914 copy

“Forget art. Put your trust in ice cream.” 

Charles Baxter, The Feast of Love


2015-05-12_12-15-27 IMG_20150514_182323

In Paris,  in May?… maybe it seems like summer will come. but pay attention! If you are hurry to arrange your winter clothes and put inside of your closet, you might take them out again. Because the weather in Paris is so unpredictable. Anyway , this week Paris seems so sunny and hot. I needed a glace! Ice cream! I made  ice cream origami. They are sorbet bar ice creams ;  grape , passion fruit and  soda taste. There are also two creamy gelatos with cone ; dark chocolate with raspberry chips and  vanilla with white chocolate chips.  Voila!

Bonne dégustation!!