Origami horse mobile

If you live in a big city, sometimes you miss the nature, and whenever I miss the nature, I do little simple things to feel the nature. 1. Go to the park in neighbor 2. buy a little plant

I am living in Montmartre in Paris where there is a lot of people everywhere. Sometimes I feel too packed especially when I am in the metro or bus. However, there is an really awesome advantage to live in Paris is that you can find so many diverse little or big  beautiful gardens. Each of them are so charming ! That is one of my favorite thing or reason to live in Paris. Last weekend, I went to a park in Montmartre, I could feel completely out of town and in the nature.



and I bought a little plant called”calathea” it has beautiful leaves seems like by Mr. Vincent Van Gogh touch! Gorgeous! It is easy care and cleaning the air even.


After having been inspired by these little nature moments from lastweekend, I made a horse origami mobile.  These horse are a family from Safari 🙂


Lets fly, fly away .


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