Ice cream Origami ! Il fait chaud!

IMG_20150514_175914 copy

“Forget art. Put your trust in ice cream.” 

Charles Baxter, The Feast of Love


2015-05-12_12-15-27 IMG_20150514_182323

In Paris,  in May?… maybe it seems like summer will come. but pay attention! If you are hurry to arrange your winter clothes and put inside of your closet, you might take them out again. Because the weather in Paris is so unpredictable. Anyway , this week Paris seems so sunny and hot. I needed a glace! Ice cream! I made  ice cream origami. They are sorbet bar ice creams ;  grape , passion fruit and  soda taste. There are also two creamy gelatos with cone ; dark chocolate with raspberry chips and  vanilla with white chocolate chips.  Voila!

Bonne dégustation!!


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